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07 May 2013



Most people do not realize that the PRIMARY justification for all these French protests come from America. Yes sad but true. Of course the coalition against civil marriage for sexual minorities IS religiously based, however since France is an even more secular country than the US, they use instead as justification the raison d'être, a study by Mark Regnerus out of the University of Texas Austin. This "research" was designed to show that children who were raised by same sex parents have poorer outcomes. The research shows no such thing, in fact Regnerus only found 1 respondent who had been raised from birth with two mothers. ALL the other respondents, the parents had divorced or were raised by single mothers.

France has had HUGE protests of crowds as large as +300,000 people protesting in Paris against Civil Marriage for sexual minorities. Thankfully the law passed the legislature and soon will be signed by the President.

It is not well known at all though that the raison d'être for these protests is American Mark Regnerus. I have watched videos of a pediatric Psychiatrist in France citing the Regnerus research. This same Psychiatrist addressing huge crowds telling them that gays are dangerous to children BASED on the Regnerus research. Read my comments here for more information -

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