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11 May 2013



Wow...that's bad on so many levels. I am glad that she is holding her head high, and not letting these racist attacks get to her.

Tribal traditions? Smdh.

Chitown Kev

You know...
as bad as the US can be and as "progressive" as Europe is alleged to be, the fact is that racism of this type in Europe is rampant and rarely discussed over there.

Whereas here in the US, it can seem as if all we talk about is race (and that was true prior to President Obama's election)

So, yeah, they loves them some President Obama in most Nato countries. But when their own blacks want political power...oh, how that tune changes...hypocrites


This is why I would be reluctant to travel to somewhere like Italy. It has a lot of culture and history, but way too much hatred towards people of color and the LGBT community.


Italians -much their mediterranean counterparts- are a backward, primitive and unsophisticated bunch. Despite what north America loves to believe. I should know, I spent my entire childhood with them. Well they can stay on the wrong side of history, the rest of us will just journey on...SMDH

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