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17 May 2013



I saw him on the street once about a year ago...OMG!:)

Mia Mama

Oh, look at my little pumpkin all growed up and stuff. :)


glad to see a gay black publication, but please people stop with the excessive photoshopping!


oooh trade hunty yaaasssss!


Does he bottom?




Damn, he remains good looking!


I honestly don't get it.

mix them up

Evan, I don't get it either. Yet, I know why. These queens are obsessed with lite-skin men/blatino's/etc. Nothing is wrong with that, though. But, it explains why I started dating white men. Call me a snow queen if you will. But, when I date black men I don't care about his skin hue. That is rare in the black gay community. They fall all over lite skin men...though they are usually midnight black special themselves. Then, they call others snow queens. Please. Their brand of racial segregation is worse.

Greg G

>>> "These queens are obsessed with lite-skin men/blatino's/etc."

Looking at the front page of this blog are IDRIS ELBA, MARIO BALOTELLI, MARC LAMONT HILL, second page is the gay high school footballer and the NFL player, all of whom are brown or very dark. The third page has the very dark jet black African Calvin Klein model.

The only light skin guys I see are DeMarco and David. But you already knew that.

Black Pegasus

@mix them up

You sound like a damn fool! And yes you are indeed a typical snow queen. A light skin man on the cover of a magazine constitutes YOU only dating white men? For realz? Go sit yo azz down somewhere.

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