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22 May 2013



don't believe the hype. this is just pharma wanting to sell us more pharma. they have an interest in making sure as many people are HIV+ so the money keeps flowing in. I took these pills for two weeks when I had an unsafe experience awhile ago. for anyone who thinks this is the way to go-- think again, these drugs kicked my azz and left me exhausted days on end. use a condom every time.


an excerpt from a great article:

At least they don’t suffer the same wrath as do HIV-negative men taking Truvada, the HIV medication used as a pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. They are the traitorous ones, thumbing their noses at their elevated negative status by intentionally dipping themselves in the viral soup of casual sex. They are obviously barebacking infected guys or they wouldn’t be popping pills that blunt the consequences of being a poz-loving slut.


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