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09 May 2013


iama{GAY}tekeeper known as thegaytekeeper

LOVE this!


That's cool.

Derrick from Philly

Beautiful! I had a cousin down south who played for one of the most outstanding highschool football teams in the country: Valdosta High. (ooops, but I'm not sure he's out of the closet...oh, well, it's been 29 years since then--he ought to be).

There are many Gay guys who played football in highschool, college, and in the pros. Next to wrestling it's probably the most homoerotic sport.

Rodney B

I thinks he and his opponent for "King" have a lil something going on. LOL

Happy for Leo :)

Ashriel W.

These stories are giving me a natural PROUD & LoVING high!!! You go boy... LOL @ Rodney B.


that's awesome. and great to see a high school like Hollywood Hills accept him


Holy sh*t this is amazing. Collins opened the floodgates for younger players. How wonderful

Byron in PGC

This made my day! Thank you so much for posting this!


Wow! Amazing to read about this young man not accepting that you have to hide one identity to be true to another. Maybe there's more hope for us than I thought.


This teenager took the initiative and moved to a more gay friendly environment so that he could thrive as his "authentic" self. Good for him.

This young man is showing us how it's done!


@Rodney B.. I think you might be right..LOL..i love these stories..good for him...


Whom ever comes out on top!! What a phrase Mr. Reporter!!!!

Marco Luxe

Proud of my HHHS Spartans.

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