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28 May 2013



I love how people like Peterson speak in self-righteous tones about how wrong same-sex marriage is for spiritual reasons, yet do not seem to have issues with having out-of-wedlock children. I suppose if issues affect them personally, then "God" understands their hearts and does not hold their "sins" against them.

anthony davis

I so agree with what Louis just said because it is the truth because the lives that they lead is in direct contradiction to the Gospel that they claim to speak.As for what he said I could really care less because he is entitled to his opinion.However I will be more pissed if he don't stand by his convictions if public sentiment forces him to backpedal and refute what he originally said.


I was listening to the Ricky Smiley show here in Atlanta this morning. They mentioned this story. One of the radio co-host stated that this was a non-story and it's strange that Chris Kluwe, a married man and former Viking, was such a strong supporter of marriage equality. It is this type of idiotic thinking that keeps so many men from living their truth and keeps straight allies for speaking their truth.



That's why it's important to educate those who dont know, including those people who cannot understand why it's a big deal when guys like Jason Collins come out publicly.


but if you have gay relatives and you love them, why would you not want them to be happy and marry if they so choose? what a joke, i so despise some athletes! all they do (the black ones) is date out of their race, as if to say they are too good for black women, marry a non-black woman, cheat on her, then continue to cheat, father multiple children from mulitple non-black women, main non-black wife/mate finds out, can't take it, then divorces, and she (the non-black mate) walks with half!!


@Louis, i agree totally. I was just about to say the same thing. He just had a baby with his girl friend who was a former stripper...He is down with spending all of his signing bonus in the strip club and having a baby with a stripper without getting married, but two loving same sex people committing to each other and getting married is wrong...I am so glad that I am not looking for approval from him.

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