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04 June 2013


Greg G

>>> I'll still high-five them. Pat them on the butt when he's doing good, and go on about my business.

In other words he is trade.


Child please! This man needs to stop talking about showers and gays!


I am so tired of these Guys thinking They are The Universes gift to gay men!! Dicks with no brain!!


Of course. Because every gay man will molest every straight man in a shower. NOT.

A. Ronald

Thank you DW and Andy! Bruh man needs to chill!


this dude sounds all kinds of pause. not sure does he get it.


Once again I'm not surprised,taken back or offended by anything that he is saying.He is expressing the belief that most straight men seem to have about gay men.Their belief is that we are attracted to every man that we see so therefore someone like him would feel uncomfortable showering in the company of a gay man.He needs to sit down somewhere and be quite though because eventually he's going to end up saying something that will eventually get his ass in trouble.Why do he feel the need to keep om weighing in on gay matters anyway ?


"Pat them on the butt when he's doing good"

And that's the part that gets me. After he expresses his discomfort at a potential gay player in the shower (and he likely has played with a gay/bi/dl player) then he says he would pat them on the butt like he would any other player. Maybe he needs to chill out cuz I am not sure why he feels the need to coment on gays.


so this 'man' cannot take care of himself in the shower??


He is so dumb. He does know he probably already showers with gay men. SMH.


Why? Why do these multi-million dollar "slaves" continues to speak with the insight, knowledge, experience and intellect of a fruitfly? They make all athletes seem even more ignorant, uneducated and stereotypical than most people perceive/believe athletes to be. SHUT UP!


he's modeled multiple times in his underwear and he's worried about gay men looking at him?

AP is all kinds of sexy but not very mature between the ears unfortunately. I understand his mentality comes from his upbringing and teaching but apparently he's learned very little from the "teachings" of fellow NFLers Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo.


Ugggh. I blame it on Oklahoma; there don't seem to be a whole lotta enlightened folks there. or maybe if he read a book sometime that would help. but don't look for role models in the NFL: they are what they do.

On a plus note, I would love to take a shower with AD. allday any day.


He is good-looking, but his comments are a major turn-off. And he does realize that just because you are good-looking doesn't mean a gay guy is attracted to you. He seems to apply the same logic that straight men have about any pretty girl.

Chris Kluwe, who was a Viking, friend, and teammate to Adrian needs to sit down and chat with his friend.


I'm so sick of these trying to "PC correct failing miserably MOFOS trying to give gay men affirmation ! Mofos I don't give a fuck whether you want me here or not my life is legitimate with out your say so!!!!!!!


Adrain..you are fyne ...yea i would do you in a heartbeat...but sweet boy dont think that all gays are after every ass they see...believe me....just like how you size up girls we size up men too. Not all ass are good ass so please come off your high horse and get over it

Strawberry Jam

"Why do these multi-million dollar slaves..."
- Kerq

This statement right here by Kerq is the total truth. They are SLAVES. Please help me understand why black football players are freaked out about gay men being in the shower, when straight white male executive owners and staff take extreme pleasure in seeing them prance around naked in the locker room? The Press is there, too. Sheesh. I will never understand why a news crew needs to be in a black man's face while he is sitting there stark naked to conduct an interview. And these dumb SLAVES think it's cool to sit there with their dicks swanging in front of perfect strangers who honestly have no need to be in the locker room while they are changing clothes. I just don't get it. And, I have a white friend who was a freaking water boy for a professional NFL team while he worked on a Masters in Sports Medicine. According to him, all the white boys on staff talked about the size of these players' pieces and told their friends and girlfriends about it. Also, some of the camera men for news crews are recording them naked and SHOWING THE VIDEOS TO CLOSE FRIENDS. Yet, this fool is worried about gay men. They need to realize that their locker room nudity is a part of the private collection of many connected people. And yes, I have seen a video to prove it.

Yusuf Olokun

Thanks Greg G! AP is trade. In this day and age, claiming to be "uncomfortable" in the shower is a sign of AP's concerns about his own sexuality. Any good-looking "Straightjacket" man today knows he is getting looks from Queer men; to claim discomfort at these looks is more about AP's questionable sexuality than the Gay Gaze. In other words, his discomfort is his worry about his own largely SUBCONSCIOUS or repressed desire for the attractive male body. Most hetero men repress this admiration, with varying degrees of success.

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