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03 June 2013



So did he tack on "No Homo" because he thought he was appearing too emotional or something? It's like it just came out of no where.

And that apology does seem pretty boilerplate to me, Rod. But at least he gave a positive call out to Jason Collins.

iama{GAY}tekeeper known as thegaytekeeper

should have been more


he said "no homo" because "they stretched me out so much" was a double entendre. dude doesn't seem to be a bad guy, but stupid habits die hard. but a $75,000 swear jar will break a bad habit QUICKLY.

Mark P

Hibbert seems like a decent guy. The 'no homo' was casual and I'm sure he didn't mean to offend. He did support Jason Collins previously and did tweet him. Now, on the other hand the "motherf_____" comments are a different story haha


"Decent" guy or not the basketball player should not have used the phrase "no homo." Sorry, but the apology does seems standard and boilerplate. But he does get props for calling Jason Collins and supporting his coming out.

Jim J

Apology seems sincere to me and not one of those "if I offended anyone" non-apology apologies. Also, I know plenty of guys who are well-versed in "street language" and are totally supporting of gays and gay rights. When I'm with them and there is a double entendre (especially an obvious one like "stretched me out so much") even I will say "no homo" or "pause."


Chris-leo you got it right. this is a decent guy who has been in a homophobic industry making big money. old habits do die hard. we will see more of this.


so, um, straight men think about getting "stretched out" by another man? I guess I'm a little surprised that that's where is mind went to when he said that.


Well I hope he and his fellow teammates enjoy getting "stretched out" and owned from the whooping they are receiving for tonights game from Miami.

Karma is real!


I have been gay all of my life and I have never heard the term "stretched out." Can someone explain that to me? lol

Also what so many sports people who have commented on this have not mentioned is that straight men generally use homophobic comments all the time. It is just a part of their vocabulary. Often they do not even know they are saying something offensive and so when Hibbert said "No homo" it was just his normal way of speaking. Similar to racists who use racist terms and are not even aware they are offensive. It is just a part of their speech. For many people homophobia and racism are just normal parts of their speech. They only apologize when they get caught in the wrong situation. I bet if you asked Hibbert if he thinks No Homo is offensive and he told the truth he would say no.

chris w.

@fff. I agree with you. I had the same reaction. I never thought that a straight man would instinctively/instantaneously connect the phrase "stretched out" to gay sex.

Also, I have think that Jason Collins is saying "Why the heck is he calling me. What do I have to do with being stretched out."

anthony davis

Whatever he is taking his No Homo classless ass home anyway because the Heat took care of that last night.He also needs to know how to be a better sport because it was real classless of him to walk off the court after their lost and didn't stay around to shake the hands of the winners.

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