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22 June 2013



Scalia is an unreformed bigot, who tries to find his bigotry to be in the Constitution. Scalia enforces a Constitution that he imagines, but that never really existed. He is ideologically alien to the Constitution that he is oath-bound to enforce. I find it frightening that Scalia thinks it is the government’s right, moreover his right, to regulate our sex lives- to bust down our doors, and to drag us off to prison for having sex in a manner that he doesn’t personally approve. This man is a dinosaur, and it’s just to bad that he is not extinct yet.


It's funny (not really) that he is not the first person of non-color to make the assertion that desegregation would have eventually taken place. And every time I wonder what fantasy world are these people living in. Most people are resistant to change. Hell, look at some of the counties that still have segregated proms.

He really should be removed as a judge. He lets his personal opinions interfere with him making an objective decision. Court decisions should be made off of my fact, and not off of the judge's beliefs.

Bruce Littrell

How do people like this make comments that without court intervention that African Americans would have equal rights....really?

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