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08 June 2013





It's hard to get the French crowd against you if you put an effort to talk in their language.

Serena hasnt had a great relationship with the Roland Garros crowd over the years, especially the Henin match, but they warmed to her this year with her play and her post match interviews

So happy for Serena!


You go girl!


It's exhilarating that Serena has won the French Open. And her command of the French language was beautiful to hear.

Ashley Van

Serena is indeed everything and I love that she knows how to speak French. Her second French Open had been a long time coming, so I'm pleased she went all the way this time around. Success is the best revenge.

Rising Phoenix

Serena's mom's hair is fried, dyed, and parted for some sides. Yesssss!


My heart swelled with pride as she addressed the crowd in French. In case you didn't know, the American sports commentator MISTRANSLATED what Serena said to the crowd - priceless!

Tres bien, Serena.

chris w

In consecutive finals, Serena has exhibited brain, brawn and beauty. At the Spanish Open, she spoke Spanish to accept the champion's prize. At the Italian Open, she spoke Italian to accept the champion's prize. And, for the piece de resistance in Paris, she spoken fluent French. I love this woman. ...such an inspiration. I can't wait 'til the tour moves to grass.


Although she's not always grammatically correct, for her to speak to a predominately French crowd in French is a tremendous mark of respect, and her success is well-deserved.

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