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01 July 2013


Mike E

A mess.

Ed Cruz

Has Pugh said anything about this case yet? Anything at all?

Fred T

Thanks for following this story Rod.

Pugh's behavior is "bizarre" that's a very apt description. If Pugh did nothing wrong there was absolutely no reason to leave town and go awol. And even if he did he always has a right to a legal defense. Running away and hiding doesn't do his claim of "I didn't do it" any good.

Charles Pugh was one of the good guys and he was hugely popular in Detroit. It's really a shame that he threw away his good name and career over some 17yo trade.

Chitown Kev

all of this and Pugh kinda sorta rode in on the anti-Kwame Kilpatrick.

But after reading your link abt. the pending criminal charges, I'm confused...is this a 17 or an 18 year old...I'm gonna say kid, for now.

Either way, Pugh is ethically and morally culpable. If the kid was 17 Pugh maybe be legally culpable as well...but I don't know.

(and at least Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, didn't run away and that was during an election campaign)

In any event, it's a hot mess and a tragedy.

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