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16 July 2013


Derrick from Philly

Get well quickly, Rod-- not just so that you can get work done, but also so you can enjoy the trip.

Oh, and I bet you've found most Africans to be warm hearted and fair-minded people NOT the vicious Gay-bashers we're always told about.

Greg G

What Derrick said! Take care of yourself and enjoy the trip!

Get well, Rod. I have only traveled as far as Jamaica and that flight was stressful. I cannot imagine what it is like to fly across three continents. I am reading up on the malaria pills and had no idea they were so nasty to your system. Be well.

So nice to hear that the Zambians have welcomed you with open arms. Many Africans have beautiful spirits and are very peaceful. And many congratulations on being awarded that fellowship and another to Barcelona. Let 'em have it!


Yaaay! Glad you arrived safely! Take care of yourself!

Jamel Smith

Have a great trip Rod.


Enjoy Rod and be careful! I thought about you when I saw this: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/prominent-gay-rights-activist-killed-cameroon-19677284#.UeXRK23OAk0


Have a safe trip! I love that you got to go to Africa. Plus, I love the geography lesson. It was my favorite subject in high school.

That flight seemed like a beast.


Get well and enjoy your trip Rod! Love that you are returning to the Motherland! Werkkk!

BTW Tony: AFAIK, Rod has worked for ABC News and NBC, and been on assignment to Iraq, Ethiopia, Sudan and many other conflict zones. He can handle himself. :)


What Zambos 27 said!

Take care Rod! Rest up, have fun and congrats on the fellowship to Zambia! You are traveling the globe and I love it! From the Caribbean to Europe to Africa. Yesss!

Lundu Mazoka

Welcome! And don't worry we'll keep you safe!

Derrick from Philly

Hey, Rod, I do hate to bother you while you're doing more important things over in Africa; but do you think you could cover more of the Kerry Rhodes' story when you get back?

I'm absolutely fascinated. I guess it's because I can't believe his choice of lovers.

Now, I'm a pure queen myself(a little toned down in old age), but I find it incredible that this NFL star would even be seen in public with that little ....so n' so. The bytch seems very mean and vindictive.

Oh, well, maybe I'm one of those typical queens who is always giving "trade" the benefit of the doubt. That's why we end up waking up the next morning crying to the police, "he stole my stuff!" That's if we ever wake up.

Pasrtor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace Rod!

Props on your Fellowship! Well done even before you 'begin'!

Former President Kenneth Kaunda put "Love" as his top priority in his policies, as I remember.

Sounds like you are already experiencing that legacy of Love, especially bringing and being the best you ARE in and where you are being called in Zambia and travels!

Live, Love, Learn, Liberate: You are a Light of our LGBT One World!

Rod you are in the cradle of all civilization and Humanity's birth, so rock-a-bye baby, (for now) & make it one for the book(s)when you get back!

One Love,

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems

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