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08 July 2013



I so love that celebs in Europe CARE about all of their fans and will do WHATEVER it takes to expose themselves to those fans (forgive the pun) without fear of any kind of talk or chatter. This is such a SMART MOVE!!!!!! He's smart about keeping himself out there when the sports thing is quiet! #BRAVO!

And again, BAM to Rod2.0 for always keeping us up on the hotties across hemispheres and time zones!

Former COGIC

***Waving tambourine and cosigning Rev Kev!***

Yaaassss!!! More please!!!


I love Louis! He is beautiful with beautiful lips, sexy accent, and a mouth-watering butt.

Kudos to him for posing for a gay magazine. Michael Irvin is the only American athlete to do such a thing. When will American athletes catch up to their European counterparts?

I also like that he gave a good, well-thought out answer like Will Smith instead of George Clooney or some stock answer that most straight celebrities give.


A beautiful pictorial and the interview tease seems very nice. A very well though answer, as Zambos27 said. I like the fact that the answer was different. Oh and the pics ... swoon!

I discovered Louis Smith and so many other hotties and news stories here at Rod 2.0. Love it!


I have a lot of straight friends whom I have asked if they were to go gay whom would they Pick,, haven't gotten an answer yet:(()()

Chris  Cruz

Love these British and European athletes that are so comfortable with their sexuality and gay male fans!


Oh, Louis...Will Smith? Confess - you just don't want to change your name when you get gay-married! LOL!!

John from London

More Louis...



Much more appealing without the emo boy haircut

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