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15 August 2013



VERY well deserved honor! You're fantastic, Rod:) Congratulations


Congratulations!!! You deserve the award!!


It could not have happened to a nicer guy


It's black gay pride here? How about that.


Congrats Rod!


You are indeed worthy of the recognition. Your sensibilities are note perfect, and your consistent commitment to issues affecting SGL men of color should be considered the benchmark for quality. Bravo!


so very worthy. thanks for all that you do with Rod 2.0!

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace Rod!

Kudos & congratulations for being acknowledged communally, for whom and what all individuals, empowered by all your soul, know and celebrate in your columns, commentaries and consciousness of the Black LGBT cosmos daily!

Distance may be between us yet Love keeps us together, One!

Best of Love: Rod and all readers!

One Love,

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems


Rod, a million congratulations for this amazing award. So well deserved and well earned. As honored as I am to call you friend, I am still quite the fan! Bravo King!!!

Choir Boy

So well deserved! Congratulations!


Congrats, Rod!

Greg G

Let me co-sign what many others have said. The award is so very well deserved. I love your blog and your writing but it's the depth and breadth of your work that is truly amazing.

I admire that you have worked with major mainstream news media like ABC News and NBC News, black media like Ebony, and gay media like The Advocate and Out. And writing for The Atlantic and winning GLAAD Awards. Plus you're doing the international media fellowship thang and doing it well! Man, please. I'm so happy that you are doing all this a nd are an out black gay man ... and not playing Uncle Tom on TV like you know who!

Congratulations and good luck!

Fred T

Congrats Rod! The award could not be given to a more deserving person!




Congratulations Rod! This is definitely your year!


Werkkk it out, Rod. Werkkk!

As Mike said above, this is "your" year. Go in and let have! Congratulations! The NYC Black Pride Committee could not have chosen a better person! Muah!

A. Ronald


West Side

Bravo! So glad that you are being recognized! You truly deserve it!

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