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08 August 2013




Greg G

I am loving this! It's about time!

A. Ronald

Very good news and long overdue.

Also, thanks for the news about the symposiums later this month. Looking forward to hearing more about those.




I am so happy to see this! Thanks Bro.
I do Black History the forth Sunday of every month at Our church and Spoke on Bayard 2 months ago and upset a lot of people!
My question to them was does his sexuality have any thing to do with his contribution to the freedoms we all enjoy today? He deserves this recognition! I can not wait for Sunday to pass this on!!!

Dallas Cowboy

This is WONDERFUL news! I have been waiting for years for Bayard Rustin's name, memory, legacy and contributions to be recognized by the White House! Mr. Rustin deserves this honor and so much more. Thank you!


It's about time.


This is a great group. I'm so happy to see Mr. Rustin is being honored. He is truly one of the heroes of the civil rights movement. Please see the documentary on his life "Brother Outside" if you haven't already. It's been mentioned on this blog several times and it's an amazing film.


Bravo, President Obama! Thank you so much for awarding Bayard Rustin this recognition. We all owe this man a tremendous legacy.


This is tremendous. Bayard Rustin was a true trailblazer. So well deserved and so long overdue.

West Side

Bayard Rustin is one of my personal heroes. I have always believed that he was never given his proper respect by black historians or the movement because he was gay. Thanks so much for posting this and thanks for all the Bayard coverage.


Props to President Obama. This is well .




YES! One of my heroes as well.

Jamel Smith

It's great that President Obama is honoring Bayard Rustin with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Rustin is one of my heroes. God bless President Obama.

Fred T

This is incredible news. Bayard Rustin is one of the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement. Thank you President Obama!


This is the best news I heard all day! And right before the march anniversary!

Rodney B

I'm elated that he is finally getting his just due for all the work he has done for civil and human rights.

But the ironic, and sad, thing about the whole situation is that this probably wouldn't had happened if it wasn't for the HRC. Mind you thats a predominately white organization.

It was none of the black/latino civil rights leaders pushing President Obama to honor this man! SHAMEFUL!!!

But again, Kudos to President Obama for honoring this great man!

Jamel Smith

Rodney, the National Black Justice Coalition(NBJC), a Black LGBT organization, had a huge media campaign aimed at influencing the White House to honor Bayard Rustin. You and other brothers and sisters should support NBJC.org by becoming a member of the organization.

Dallas Cowboy

What Jamel said.

I'm surprised that anyone reading this blog would assume that "HRC" was the only organization behind this. NBJC, Rep. Barbara Lee, Julian Bond, the late Coretta Scott King and many others have publicly called for more recognition of Bayard Rustin.

FWIW, Rod also mentions NBJC in the above post.

Derrick from Philly

Do you think we'll ever see his life story dramatized for film or TV? Hope so.


Fantastic news! Though is it more than a little messed up that Miss Donnie McClurkin, of all people, is set perform at a concert commemorating the march this weekend. Talk about ironic.


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