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12 August 2013



i don't think 7 years is enough. The poor plaintifs are probably scared for life. We have enough of a bad time being black and gay against a dominant white society. Our community is supposed to love us and embrace us, not torture us.

I just don't get how some people think. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I get that people should be allowed to go through life as their genuine selves and not as some caricature of what others think we are supposed to be. Don't they get it!? DAMN i would much rather be around someone who is being their genuine self than someone who is putting on a show.

And lets not get started on the victim blaming band wagon. Yes a 30 year old had sex with a 17 year old. How many of us who were truly homosexual at 17 desired the carnal pleasure of a man older than ourselves? I know I did and I fulfilled those desires with older men, openly seeking their attention. I knew what I was doing. I had a relationship with my best friends father for over three years from age 17 to almost 21 and I LOVED IT!

But this gay bashing madness must end. The world needs to know that we are here and that there is no turning back.


Ilunga: Perhaps the 17 year old gang recruits had sex with the 30 year old to get him to drop his guard and allow the gang members to get in with less detection. A distracted target, if you will.

Seven years isn't nearly enough, but he "copped to a robbery plea." One charge vs. five.


I'm going to assume somewhere in this story is the idea that the top isn't gay.


That 7 years looks like it is missing a zero at the end of it. Should be 70. Despicable.


Not nearly enough time.


Seven years is not enough. What would happen if the accusers' mother, sister or brother or loved ones got sodomized, beaten or tortured? I wish they get the same treatment in jail. Let's see if they like it.

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