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26 August 2013


chris w.

I find his closeted conservatism far more interesting than anything about his sexuality. I know he has done a lot for Newark, but he seems like a big ole bore.


What Chris W said!


No, no, no....this can't happen just yet. I have to meet him and we need to get together and then I'll be the reason he wants to come out. It has to be perfect timing.


Quite frankly I find the subject of another individual's sexuality very boring and I feel like many of us are moving away from it. What other people do sexually is of no concern to me. Corey is a politician and as long as he can be an effective politician with a sincere interest in his constituency then that is all anyone needs to know.

In addition to that, why does he have to be a sexually involved individual. There are many people for whom the whole sexuality and romance thing just does not compute and is of no interest to them and should be of no interest to us.

Leave other peoples sexuality alone and take care of your own.


I kinda hope he's gay (cause one of my friends is all set to marry him!:) But tossing in the speculation is just sad British snark...

Dr M. Ishmael Griffin

I am infuriated by this baiting attempt. What does Booker's sexuality have to do with anything? Who cares who he sleeps with?

Could this simly be a subtle camaflouge of a racial attack and political upmanship???? Whats the real undrcurrent here? They better be careful. THERE WILL BE A BACKLASH.

I agree that Booker should be confronted head to head on the issues. Just because his adversaries cant win on that point doesnt give them the right to start slinging mud.

This is probably commandered by a gay republican..how pathetic !!!!!!!


I went to college with Cory and he's not gay. His fight for gay rights comes from unlearning his homophobia by actually befriending gay people (like me). Critique his policies all you want, but stop with the gay baiting.


and weirdo John McWhorter got in on the act last week:

"Another thing that skews his reception is that he doesn’t have a wife and kids. Forty-three is a little old for even men not to be married when they are in the public eye of politics. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. Imagine Booker as his current self in every way, except with his wife Lori and their two sons Omar and Malcolm. Somehow the apple-cheeked quality would come off more as “family man,” and he would in general seem more “rooted,” less of a question mark."

Read more: http://ideas.time.com/2013/08/16/the-cory-booker-problem/#ixzz2dBikIavE


Corey Booker isn't gay ya'll. This big secret is that he likes white women! His authenticity and trustworthiness as an AA mayor is significant in a city like Newark, which has a large AA population.


Rumor has it that he was/is dating Gail, Oprah's girl...

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