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26 August 2013



Well, I've watched this video segment a few times and I must say it really does appear to have been an awkward moment. Perhaps ASAP's part was unscripted, one has no idea. I don't think anyone is reading too much into the scene, it is what it is.


That was odd. He is young.


Ummm yes, definitely awkward. Not sure was he trying to be helpful or say "he's the gay guy".

Reggie Harris

They really needed to give the kid a script...or did A$AP not come to the rehearsal?


Rocky was very very awkward! Did he have a script or was he supposed to ad lib?


A$AP was nervous as all HELL, just bouncing and moving all about, and i'm suspecting he thought he could embellish or paraphrase what was on the prompter. FAIL!!!! for that matter, jason collins could be a little better on the prompter too. he looked and sounded like he was making a hostage video.


Well, let's see. A$AP was wearing the pigtails, skintight jeans, buttoned up blouson, Hermes belt and platform heels. Will the real homosexual please stand up!?!


Who's A$AP Rocky? I'm not kidding......


We caught that, too. "Homosexuality..." and then pointing at Jason was really weird.

And his hair looked a fool.

Jason did act like he was making a hostage video...lol.


A$AP wiping his face during Collins' poignant remarks was disrespectful enough, then he had to start flailing his hand, plugging his own music for purchase, and..."homosexuality?" The kid showed millions of viewers that he is a lame-a$$. Well done.


I agree with @chris-leo...it was painful to watch all around. I wouldn't expect much from ASAP Rocky but I did expect a certain comfort from Jason. But I guess that's what I get for assuming.

Rick G

Still loving 'straight' guys who serve it like that?

chris w

I agree, Rick G.


Who's tha gull in the blouse?

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