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12 August 2013



I always try and understand those that have made a 360 on their sexuality. Personally I don't buy it. Not saying its not possible but I don't buy the so called change. We are all WIRED differently. Its called our DNA. Not accepting or trying to RE-WIRE your make up is a fait accompli....you can't F&%K with the workings of the Big Man! He made you WHAT you are and WHO you are. Learn it, understand it and Accept it. There is no way of getting around the fact that he still loves boys. HE DOES. And no amount of preaching from the pulpit will stop that. HE himself says so... "I don’t eat sugar but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want sugar."

Ok fool yourself . Even fool other people. But my concern is don't curse where you are coming from. Look out for where you are going. If he thinks people will trust him and love him because he has suddenly changed his life from this Sodom & Gomorrah he has something coming. If you have to tell people that you are NOT GAY anymore ,after living the lifestyle, then its like a lady who has to tell people she is a lady. She isn't a lady. And so too is Mr Donnie- he has not changed. He is a sissy till he dies.


I don't understand why they did that? Business is business so I don't understand why they would cancel him at the last minute. I don't agree with his opinions on LGBT issues but this wasn't a LGBT event. Something is up? I hate to agree with Donnie but on this one I do.


Clearly LP and Miss Donnie have forgotten what the March was all about: content of character. What type of character do you have if you are a self-hating hypocrite who judges and preaches hate against who you are? That's like a black man wearing a kkk outfit in blackface, preaching hate against blacks, complaining that he's being "bullied" because he's been uninvited to an event about unity.


Guurrrlll this isn't about you! Now you KNOW how that shit feels, do US all a favor like you tell the LBGT community and have several seats with tacs in them.. Your irreverent, a non factor and STILL a closeted queen, you can't blast a group of people and expect them to be welcoming.... Enjoy your designer baby and wife....

L. Michael Gipson

The event is one celebrating tolerance and inclusion. Donnie's religious politics is not one of either. If Coretta had been living, this wouldn't even be a question, he'd have never gotten an invitation to begin with. Donnie is out of step with the politics of the District, where gays do hold high office in the DC City Council and have equal rights with straights. So, this makes perfect sense for DC and in keeping with MLK's vision of tolerance and inclusion, something Donnie is the antithesis of. Good job, DC!

Paul TW

"Donnie is out of step with the politics of the District, where gays do hold high office"

Cosigning Seti and LMG. The DC government has many well-connected and progressive gays, and gays have equal rights and can get married. This was a no-brainer. Donnie could probably pull this off down south or in the midwest. DC are too sophisticated for these stunts. And there is absolutely no question that Donnie's rhetoric and message runs totally counter to MLK's legacy.


Gurl boo! Bye!

Hasani Olujimi, MSW

Get off the Cross Donnie someone else needs the wood! The Mayor has freedom of choice to not have you participate. You sound like a crying baby. Just like you all "church folk" shut/put down Gay and other lifestyles over the pulpit under your disguise of Love; someone shut/put you down and stepped on your toes. Donnie,do like us Same-gender loving and other lifestyles have to do....suck it up and keep on moving. Ask yourself WWJD....definitely not a RANT video! Hasani Olujimi,MSW


Donnie has not been hurt. My understanding is that he will still be paid even though he will not be performing. We do have local standards in D.C., but do not wish to highlight persons who choose, by past public statements and actions, to denigrate a significant group of District residents, the LGBT community.

Former COGIC

"Donnie has not been hurt. My understanding is that he will still be paid even though he will not be performing."

Then your "understanding" is dead wrong. Miss McClurkin's pockets are HURTING. Watch the tape (or, umm, read the transcript) and listen to where he says "the pastors even offered to pay my fee" but the city officials said no.

I'm sure Miss McClurkin was given a deposit and she gets to keep that. But there is no way the city government or any goverment would offer to pay him "even though he will not be performing." That would be a huge public relations and taxpayer funded disaster. Exactly what they were trying to avoid.

Hit dogs will holler. If you were right, who would be stupid enough to publicly complain about being paid NOT to work? Would you publicly complain, make a You Tube video and get all your friends to speak out if you were PAID to sit at home and do nothing?


@Seti,do you mean a 180? And can someone explain which of his civil rights was violated?

Choir Boy

Haters! Some of you queens are seriously jealous of Donnie McClurkin! Your hate, jealousy and envy will not stop him or the gospel!

Not everyone can be out of the closet, some of us have churches and family members that don't want hear about "pride". What you do in private is private!

WE fall down but WE get up!

Derrick from Philly

Choir Boy:

No one here is jealous of McClurki.

I'd like to say something here sarcastic and b.tchy, but your commment was too sad.


@Choir boy he can be priivate without insulting and dehumanizing Gay men


This is what happens when the hateful rhetoric of the church expects to be given a diversity pass in the name of love.


Girl please, Miss Donnie needs to grab a funeral home fan and have several seats. Though she'll probably clean up by shucking this new "testimony" all over the COGIC/Baptist/Pentecostal revival circuit.


Choir Boy:

If one keeps falling down and getting back up again needs a new diagnosis: it’s called a "church queen". Embrace it and two cocks and call me in the morning.


"I'm more than a little disgruntled and want to rectify something,"

Rectify your sagging walls from taking too many big ones, then man up and come out!

Black Pegasus

Donnie please go "fall down" in a bath tub and "don't get up!"

dmm Copy


Of course he also made the rounds on the relentlessly homophobic Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS). He was spouting that same "I am a victim..." B/S. Tom & the Homophobic choir (Sybil & Jay) were eating it up. Donnie said on the TJMS that he has “…never said anything negative about anyone…”, and with great cattiness he quipped, "I was going to the event on 'good faith"; they hadn't even given me my down payment". That statement even caused Tom and the crew to crack a chuckle. Believe me when I say this "The Black church, which used to be the source of community organization, civil awareness, and racial empowerment, has now become the source of black racial stagnation. The Black church is so busy telling its flock "who" to hate that they are neglecting to facilitate human progression and consciousness. Sit back and watch every other race out distance us as we head into this enlightened phase of human evolution.

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