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28 September 2013



I don't know was protesting the right thing to do.

I give PSM all the credit in the world for taking an unpopular stand in a very hostile environment and still WINNING ... in a landslide.


Oh and a "thanks" to Rod 2.0 for keeping abreast of news across the Caribbean and Africa. On point as always!

chris w.

These protestors have real courage. Much respect for them.


Personally, I am currently making plans to leave Jamaica and resettle somewhere in North America as a Refugee, the country remains staunchly homophobic and its getting worst. My family and my colleagues are homophobic, I can't continue in this. I want to live somewhere where I can be out and not live in fear.

When you read stories of Jamaica changing its attitudes towards gays, its nothing but a façade to take off the pressure from Governments such as UK and Canada that provide foreign aide each year.

When you can have artiste shouting out homophobic messages at Government sponsored events and she is not reprimanded for it, it only proves the hypocrisy of a PM who is no more than a figure head who wants nothing but to be the Queen of Jamaica.

I am praying all works out for me, will continue to put my trust in God and depend on his guidance.


Good luck Paul. I hope to start a way to collect Money to pay for flights out of Jamaica

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