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28 October 2013


Greg G

>>> Friends of the suspect now say that Reed claims McMillian tried to "rape" him.

Sigh. Here we go again. The trade always claims rape or gay panic if they are caught creepin'. This makes me so freakin' mad.


"Does the black community care less when it's gay members are killed?"

I was wondering, how did people respond to the question?

To my mind, the answer to the question posed in the post is a resounding yes.

Recall how the "black community" was initially so outraged over how James C. Anderson was murdered but when it came out that he was gay the "community" lost interest in him. That speaks volumes about how little black LGBT people are valued by the "black community".

Every black LGBT person would be wise to keep this basic truth in mind as they go about the life enhancing/saving business of establishing and cultivating strategic alliances.


Rod, thank you for staying on this story.


I'm cosigning ELG and Gray. This was a horrible crime, this intelligent and kind young man did not deserve to die and he surely didn't deserve his reputation to be tarnished after death. Thanks for all your reporting.

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