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21 October 2013



absolutely lovely


this is absolutely GORGEOUS! so happy for them! i wish i could fall in love with someone and stay with them that long!




gives me hope


Warms my heart.


YESSSSS Two men of color together for 46 years!!!! Yessir!

Derrick from Philly

I agree with all of the comments above. I started to cry--more out of respect for these two gentlemen... and I'm not even drunk.

Ashley Freedom

Mr Lewis Duckett and Dr Billy Jones are everything to me right now, and I don't even know them. I love their love. Congrats to them.


This is beautiful, and should be plastered all over the place for the naysayers that swear that gay men cannot stay together!


Beautiful. Just beautiful.


Rod, I don't know if you know these two men personally but someone should get word to them that they should write a book. Maybe with you Rod! I want to know their whole story because I'm sure they have been through hell and high water to get where they are now. How they dealt with their family and friends, the black community and society in general. How two black men were able to adopt a child and what that child went through, god and bad (maybe it was al good?) We need to know about these two black men who have been together longer than most of us have been alive.

Rev. Ronald M. Pearson

A true testament and model for love. These two gentlemen have had, and continue to have, what most of us desire and are too impatient to wait for. There are many questions that arise from viewing this clip and I can only hope that I e day their entire story will be told. It would certainly uplift, encourage and inspire multitudes of people. It could be the benchmark people need to "get it right" and have a meaningful, lasting and loving relationship.

Chitown Kev

@Dluv-I love your idea

Such a handsome, handsome couple and look at their granddaughter....

Honut Sinti

:D :D :D

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