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25 November 2013



this story is horrible. so sad.

A. Ronald

Leave them babies alone! There will always be problems!

Chitown Kev

This is a horrible story and....yes, operatic


This is horrible. My prayers for all the families. So sad.


This story is sad on so many levels. Two lives ruined.

So Taylor was 25 dating a 16 year old? Why?! Leave these young boys alone! There are so many young men of legal age and maturity.


Very very messy. That man had no business hooking up with that boy. And then he acted quite a fool and refused to let the boy go. Hopefully the court will offer a plea of some kind.

Good to see you back, Rod.Miss you posts and your writing!

Derrick from Philly

You reap what you sow. If the allegations about Taylor are true then I hope young Mr Mitchell has a good defense lawyer.

You CAN'T make someone want you. As you all have already said it's a really awful occurence for all involved.

Black Pegasus

Let's keep in mind that the dead man has no story to tell....This young boy can say all kinds of things to paint himself in a more favorable light. Having said that, I don't feel sorry for any grown ass man who preys on young people for sexual and ego gratification.

Anthony A

Any male old enough to make a baby isn't a boy, he's a man. And he was a man who knew what he wanted: weed, alcohol, and dick.

Now he can get as much of the last two as he wants in prison. Should've come out as gay/bi so he wouldn't have to say goodbye to freedom.


If someone texted me telling me when they come over, it will not end well...I would had a knife too. Mr. Taylor had messy written all over him. I hope the kid doesn't go to jail.


You all make valid points & I am so glad to see you all considering both families feelings & grief in this most awful of situations.

To be honest after reading about this case I had trouble sleeping last night and find that I'm a bit obsessed with it. I think I will be following this case.

I can't help but believe that Mr. Taylor got caught up in the rapture. The rapture being that a younger man was probably attracted to him. How many of us have not blushed or even more at the attentions of a younger man. The sweet nectar of a younger brutha can be hard to resist. I'm sorry that Mr. Taylor gave into his lust and hate the fact that this "sweet surrender" cost him his life. One wonders who seduced who in this case. Its my observation that adolescents today are significantly more daring, bold, precocious and sexually dynamic than those of my time (the 1970's). They know what they have and flaunt it, push it into unsuspecting faces and then go for the gusto. I vividly remember my own yearnings for older men during my adolescence but was simply too inhibited to act on my feelings. These boys today are not so inhibited. I work in a grammar school and a young boy of 11 passed a note to a teacher's aide requesting an opportunity to "fuck the cum out of her" in the back of the school auditorium. He even offered a $20.00 inducement. I'm often the recipient of gossip at work about middle school aged boys who have come on to teachers and other school employees. These youngsters are totally a product of an overtly sexualized consumer market, entertainment industry, etc. Ideally if Mr. Mitchell was the one who pursued Mr. Taylor, Mr. Taylor should have been the adult and pushed it away. But these kids can be relentless and won't take no for an answer. Today's adolescents choose not to wait to have their first sexual experiences. They want it as soon as the first stirrings of yearning rise up in their genitalia. They certainly aren't confused about these feelings either. They so know what it is. I wish like hell that Mr. Taylor had simply said Thanks but no Thanks, son! But he did not perhaps and now is family is left to bear the brunt of his selfishness. I wish that when Mr. Mitchell wanted to break free of this relationship that Mr. Taylor had simply said "...cool son, it was good while it lasted..." But he did not.

If we look at both these situations, the initial seduction and the subsequent murder perhaps they are the same situation. They have the common denominator of someone having lost his mind and snapped when he couldn't deal with the loss. Now the loss is just too profound to believe.

Leon Norman

There are a lot of gay men out there who want the DL or Closeted man but when things go sour want their 15 minutes of fame. This is Mitchell's story, so we "may" not have the truth. 16 is legal in some states, but I don't know if they live in one of those states. Lastly, 16 is not a baby! Killing someone is not the way to prevent the world from finding out about your sexuality. Sad on both their parts. YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WHO U MESS WITH. WHETHER SEX OR RELATIONSHIP!

Tim A

This is a really sad situation. I was one of the lucky ones to get out of a situation with an older guy that started when I was 17 and ended at 25. He's 15 years older than me. Majority of situations like this, will not end well. Dudes who date and look for the "DL" young dude need to realize that you are impacting someone life and younger in terms of years that they will never be able to get back from being young. Young dudes need to realize the money, weed, "I'm grown" and dealing with these older Kats will only leave you confused in the end. Know your worth and grow and mature at your own rate. Not one that's determined by what favors and dollas' someone can give you...


My original post was deleted by the moderator I presume. Anyway, dead men tell no tales.

Rod M

Ilunga: I didn't "delete" your comment. It's published and clearly you missed it. I don't "delete" comments just because someone may have a different point of view. Smh

Very long comments are automatically sent to SPAM, btw. That often happens and the comments need to be approved. That was the case with yours. If it happens again you should refresh your page, drop me an email or just post a shorter comment.


This boy making lies up about this dead man so he won't be looked at as gay and go to prison for life. How did this boy and this man even meet? Did the dead man think the boy was 18 ? How do we know the boy didn't bring the drugs from one of his little friends? Too many questions but what we do know is that boy who in his state is a legal consenting adult is a cold blooded killer. I hope he gets life without parole


Larry they actually met through family members. One source states they met through Mr. Mitchell's brother and another source says Mr. Mitchell's step mom was the conduit by which they met,so Mr. Taylor certainly knew that the boy was 16 at the time. One of the bad things is that with the death of Mr. Taylor and the clandestine nature of their relationship, Mr. Mitchelll now has the opportunity to reconstruct their relationship & therefore make Mr. Taylor not only the aggressor, but the demon! And because of the age difference he will be believed--I think.

Telling lies ...so he won't be looked at as gay? Too late! The dudes in prison as well as the C.O.'s are going to have one helluva field day with this boy. He's now fresh meat in a shark tank.

Honut Sinti

Sad on all levels from the basement to the roof.


@Ilunga, I am sure that facebook is able to retrieve the deleted post to prove if this young man is telling the truth about the post on facebook. I can tell from your post that you have done a lot of research on this story, but you are making the young man out to be the one pursuing a relationship and I have not heard any proof of this in the articles that I have heard about this case.

As the end of the day, a grown man engaged in a relationship with a young man that he knew was under age. It sounds like he was a child predator who probably used the weed and the drinks to get the young man in a state when he could be taken advantage of. There is no difference in this case and the Eddie Long case.


Butchie I hear you loud and clear. What I'm trying to make clear is that we must not leap to judgement so quickly and say that Mr. Taylor was the aggressor. I'm trying to put both sides out there; that it is highly possible that either of them was the aggressor. Just because it was an adolescent with an adult doesn't mean that the adolescent was not the one pursuing the adult. And if that was the case the adult should not encourage the pursuit. And this is why I say that Mr. Taylor got "caught up in the rapture." Read my initial post again and you will see what I mean, yes its wordy and I apologize for that (its a British thing).

But I just would like the "broad minded" among us to truly be broad minded and look at this terribly tragic situation and consider all angles. And lets also hope that the legal minds involved too will look at all angles.

The whole things sickens me not because it was a younger dude with an older one--as far as I am concerned they were of the same generation--but because of the destruction to both families. Two lives are destroyed, two families will never be the same.A whole community is poorer now for the loss. They will forever be labeled and branded and it really should not have come to this.

So looks like it didn't "...end well" after all. How prophetic!


Butchie I simply want all who read about this case to consider "all" angles and "all" possibilities. This is an element that is pertinent to this case. My point is that perhaps Mr. Taylor was pursued & seduced by young Mr. Mitchell. (Quite frankly they weren't that far apart in age, they were in the same generation) And if that was the case Mr. Mitchell as the adult was supposed to let the young man down gently and walk away from the temptation. Being caught in the rapture can happen to the most prudent & reasonable among us. How many of us have close friends & family who "carried on!" & then BAM! they stop drinking, smoking, partying, etc, and embrace "THE WORD" They've been caught up in the rapture--its the same thing and its hard to break away from.

The addition of Marijuan & liquor are a common addition to the defense. The "...he hit me first" is another common addition to the defense.

We should look at this case most critically, well as critically as the info the media will give us. Because two families and an entire ommunity will be destroyed by this. My heart aches for both men, truly it does.


The age of consent in CT and the military is 16. But this doesn't mean it has to be socially acceptable.

General statutes of Connecticut Sec. 53a-71. Sexual assault in the second degree: Class C or B felony. (a) A person is guilty of sexual assault in the second degree when such person engages in sexual intercourse with another person and: (1) Such other person is thirteen years of age or older but under sixteen years of age and the actor is more than two years older than such person

Uniform Code of Military Justice,§ 920 Art. 120: (b) Any person subject to this chapter who, under circumstances not amounting to rape, commits an act of sexual intercourse with a person—
(1) who is not that person’s spouse; and
(2) who has not attained the age of sixteen years;
is guilty of carnal knowledge and shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.


Disgusting. Taylor was a pedophile who groomed a victim, threatened him with violence, blackmail, and coercion. Sad for the child in all of this, but NOT the ADULT who should have known better.

chris w.

Shane, well put. I agree with you in total. The boy was 16 years old and the man was 25. I don't care about the letter of the law concerning sexual consent. That concern is for the judicial system. Common sense would tell any reasonable adult not to date a 16 year old child. There are so many ready, willing and able-bodied men around who love gifts, weed, and alcohol.

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