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13 December 2013


Derrick from Philly

Back in the very early part of the 1970s there was a civil war in Nigeria. There was an area called Biafra (I think I have it right), and it was a very bloody struggle.

I think the Nigerian government has to figure what to do about these extremist Muslims in their northern provinces.

Not that the official anti-Gay stance of the Nigerian government is that much better-- but to kill teenage boys?

And the while Nigerian oil men steal from the Nigerian people-- billions of dollars.

Ken T

"And the while Nigerian oil men steal from the Nigerian people-- billions of dollars."

Exactly. The anti gay hysteria is to divert the people's attention from the corruption and poverty.

You have a very good memory, Derrick. The civil war between Biafra and Nigeria was from 1967 to 1970 iirc.

Love your insight!


sigh. horrible stories ncoming from nigeria and cameroon. does it ever get better? i hope so.

btw, my family is from cape verde. i like this blog's focus on the diaspora and black gay men around the usa and around the world. props.

Derrick from Philly

@ Ken T.

Thanks. But I'm just old.

But I hope for the best for Nigeria. Many of our Africn-American Studies scholars would go there every year. Now, they're choosing Dahomey instead. Isn't that ironic?


I hate these fucking barbaric religious bigots who destroy gay men's lives. They are guilty of murder. I have gay friends in Nigeria, and one of them lives in Kano in Northern Nigeria where this cruelty is taking place.

My Nigerian friend is Ibo. They are the tribe that was destroyed in the Biafra War. Over a million Ibos died in the war. My friend's father told me during the war he had to drink muddy water and eat grass just to survive.

dave lopes

why is it news or surprising? it is africa.

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