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11 December 2013



This BS again!? Come on guys....stop showing your ignorance!


Go away, Jamar (you aren't worthy of the word Lord). Just go away. Fade into obscurity where you belong.


So these ignorant, ill-educated hip-hop pieces of urban trash believe the Jewish Holocaust surpasses the Black Struggle? They have no self-worth nor inclination of the gay Black and Latin MEN (& WOMEN) who also created & contributed to the culture of hip-hop. HE, LORD JAMAR, I SO UNCONSCIOUS!


Why do we care what they think again?

Cyrus Brooks

Another has been rapper talking about things he doesn't really know about. The Jewish holocaust in Germany was worse than the centuries long enslavement, colonial exploitation, Jim Crow and other crimes committed against blacks? I don't think so. And gay blacks were still subject to the same treatment if not worse treatment. If he thinks there haven't gay bruhs in hip hop since it began he needs a reality check. Gay bruthas need to call dumb @$$3s like this out on their bull***t


Jews were killed during hilters reign Blacks were killed and tortured for over 200 years how can you possibly say Jews had it worse? You go in for a job interview at Walmart and the Jew will get hired before a black person. Nobody follows Jews around high end stores like they do blacks. This guy is so off base when it comes to race, homosexuality and everything about life.

Chemical X

Why do we have to play who had it worse? Also what about Native Americans? I guess their Holocaust doesn't count. Finally people who were black and gay and way more hardcore than this fool participated in the black struggle. Do Bayard Rustin or James Baldwin ring a bell?


but just remember the people that got you to this point were hosed, beaten, lynched, castrated and set a blaze. Nothing, with the exception of the Jewish Holocaust, surpasses the Black struggle."

So in other words none of those people who were "...beaten, lynched, hosed, castrated and set a blaze" were gay?

Think again Jamar and come see me when you are more enlightened!

Clinton Gary

Wow, could this dude pander any stronger to the Jewish establishment? He chose his words wisely concerning the Holocaust to ensure that he could pass off the remainder of that nonsense. Epic fail.

And for the record, Hitler killed numerous Blacks in Germany along with the Jews. Of course, Jews won't tell you that because it might detract from their agenda.


The Germans under Hitler were responsible for the systemic murder of gays during the "Holocaust". But some would have that aspect of the Holocaust erased from the historical record.


What a dope. Lord Jamar. Thanks! You can sit down and go back to not mattering AT ALL ANYMORE!




Oppression isn't a contest, I hate when people try to make it a race to see what group has it more oppressed.


This is a good link that explains that.

Anywho Lord Jamar is one of the most insufferable people I've ever heard speak. He's a dangerous mixture of straight privilege, misogyny, and unchecked ego. Men like him are poison to society.

Derrick from Philly

Well, I dealt with stupid trade many times back in the 70s & early 80s. But I never really tried to have a conversation with them. After listening to Jamar, I'm glad I didn't.

They weren't as mean spirited as this fool. They just wanted to bust a nut.


All praise for the hot headed angry guy calling himself a rapper by day and creeping around at night in the streets and the parks (baseball cap included).

Robert Chapman

So sad the contributions of the many gay men and women continue to be forgotten, ignored and dismissed. Star and Jamar have allowed their personal politics to revise history in a way that supports and validates their views. This is a dangerous kind of mindset that sadly enough dominates our country in the social and political arena. And how is Drake and Kendrick Lamar soft? And if they are why is this inclusiveness viewed somehow as a dismantling of hip hops foundation? Just one more case of men clinging to an illusion of masculinity that has no ground to stand on in a world that no longer is lock and step with patriarchal fantasy.

yes maam

Do ANY OF YOU know that Hitler killed hundreds of thousand of gay men and women during the Holocaust? These hip hop dinosaurs are so out of touch with reality. You're time is up. Good bye!

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