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13 January 2014



This is horrible. I feel so sorry for those people. Prayers up!


Prayers are not going to do one thing for the suffering of gays in Nigeria or in any other sub-Saharan country where homophobia prevails. What needs to be done is line up every one of these political and religious leaders and publicly execute them. Based on a recent poll 98% of Nigerians support their country's extreme homophobia. I have gay friends in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda and gays' lives there are horrible. Two of my friends were beaten and arrested. My one friend was walking down the street. The police beat him and spit on him and then forced to take the police to his apartment and beaten again. Luckily when they were arrested, they had friends and me to pay the fine, which was really just a bribe. More than one pastor in Nigeria has stated publicly that gay men should be killed. My heart goes out to all my gay brothers in Africa. Their suffering is enormous.


This, to me, is what makes the foolishly romantic notion of "Pan-Africanism" so ridiculously absurd... The cultural divide that exist between western-cultured Black people and those that live on the African continent is so immense as to be un-bridgeable (and not just on THIS issue).

What civilized person would even desire a relationship or connection with such cultural midgets?... I used to want to travel to Africa (in my more romantic "Motherland" days), now, there's no way in HELL I would grace any "nation" on that continent -- outside of SA -- with my presence - OR DOLLARS!

F*ck 'em and feed 'em BS!


Rod, I know that you received some fellowships to report and research in Ethiopia and Zambia. Have you visited Nigeria? Do you think you will report from there?

Mikey He Likes It

It's so sad to see how these people have been so manipulated by religion and corrupt leaders. They will do anything and say anything to divert attention away from the more serious issues that plague their country. Gay people never were, are not now, and never will be the reason they have such strife, poverty, violence, and corruption in their land. Gays just want to live in peace, harmony, and prosper like most Africans do. The leadership constantly uses them as scapegoats to keep the focus of the real problems.


This is madness. Supersad to see Africans take on this colonized mentality. Ridiculousness!!!

Roger Black

TEvans, your outrage is justified, but there is so much ignorance in your response, I don't know where to begin to address them. It is hard to fill a cup that thinks itself already full.


Mr. Black, how about "baby steps."

Here is my email: (cydekikk45@aol.com)

Please enlighten me on what you feel is the most significant example of my ignorance...

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