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09 February 2014



Love it! Go on with your bad self, brotha!

West Side


Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace to All!

Michael Sam is to be commended and supported for his active affirmation and courageous conviction of being a fully alive person, scholar athlete and soon to become NFL player, in his own right and integrity, as a young, gifted and truly Black gay man.

"To thine ownself be true," Sam, as you embark on a professional career level, as well, as a most empowering example for all of us to emulate and applaud!

Only two years ago at a Cornell event did I have an opportunity to publicly be proud and freely proclaim my being same gender loving and that is after over 35 years of graduating college.

I am so very heartened and I very proudly support Michael Sam and all our children meant to live over and above our rainbow revolution in the Light and fullness of all their days!

One Love,
Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea


6-3 260. Big dude and good luck in the league.


Huge news! Wow! So glad he's breaking through! Stay strong and persevere! He's a cutie BTW too LOL.

Derrick from Philly

Wow. Brave and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Lord, Lord, Lord.


This news is incredible! I wish him the best of luck. And that is a big ole fine man yessss gawd!


i am so proud of this young man

Gee Gee

I hope he has other skills other than football..he's gonna need it! Or maybe he's independently wealthy.

Distant Lover

I hope he has all of the success (and none of the concussions or dementia) in the NFL. I am already a fan!

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