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15 February 2014


Greg G

This is beyond crazy. It's heartbreaking. The lawless hoodlums are this close to being lynch mobs. Ad no help from the police? Lawd have mercy.


Don't expect any help from the UK, USA or EU. Nigeria is a huge oil producer. Human rights are cheap when oil and petrol are at stake.


Again, when I see incidents like this occurring over and over again they just serve to reinforce my stance that I have NO desire to ever step foot on the soil of such culturally deprived countries, "Motherland" be damned!...


I just don't get it; massive poverty, poor infrastructure, scam artists galore bilking people out of much money through the internet, scandalous politicians, a shaky primary and secondary educational system and all you can do is beat up on people whom you 'suspect' of an act that when you think of it is really natural and in sync with your culture. Can you spell misplaced priorities?

So Uganda, So Nigeria and the rest of you African nations that have a problem with two adult dudes who consent to sexing each other and loving each other, how is beating up on dudes who have not done anything to hurt your sham of a government and societal structure, how is harming them going to make your lives better.

Get with the program Sub-Saharan Africa and deal with the issues that really matter. You've allowed yourselves to be tricked! Keep going on like this and not only will the world turn its back on you but you will sink even further into the mire of dysfunction you already swim in.

Black Pegasus

This type of ignorance and barbarism found it's genesis in religion. Add that to poverty, dictatorships and isolation from developed countries and you get what we see today. A land of lawless mobs motivated by fear, hate, anger and religious self righteousness.

Yet GLAAD and the NAACP sits silently. Lets face it; "Advocacy" is a luxury many of us cannot afford. We are bound by fears of losing our jobs/careers and families. What's the excuse for GLAAD?


>>>What's the excuse for GLAAD?

I totally agree with your first paragraph. Poverty and corruption are much bigger problems in Africa and the developing world and that is probably why these countries keep proposing these laws to distract citizens from their real problems.

But what are GLAAD and NAACP supposed to do to counter the laws of a legitimate, sovereign government? I think you mean to say "What's the excuse for the United Nations" or the USA, UK or EU governments? Those are governments that deal with other governments. GLAAD deals with news and entertainment in the states. This is not a GLAAD or NAACP issue. Only international governments and agencies can exert real pressure against Nigeria.

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