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17 February 2014


Black Pegasus

I'm glad the President issued a strong statement against this barbarism. Does anyone know if gays in those regions are being offered safe passage or some form of political asylum out of the country?


I have a good friend in Uganda, and I will ask him about this. I think some gays in Uganda have gone to Kenya because they feel safer there.

One of my wonderful gay friends in Ghana was able to get on a boat with two gay friends. It took 23 days to get to Germany. He will now try to get to Belgium and apply for asylum. What incredible courage and strength it took for him to escape his homophobic country of Ghana. He wants to be free and whole and a success. In Ghana he worked at a hotel cleaning rooms 40 or more hours a week and made $80.00 a month. I think he is in transit right now from Germany to Belgium, and I hope to hear from him soon.

Black Pegasus

@Jerry - thanks. You're right, the courage it took for your friend to leave his homeland and country should be commended. I wish him well.

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