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10 February 2014



SMH...to be expected. Knew the hate would start flowing soon after. Regardless...I hope Michael proves 'em wrong. Someone has to breakthrough and I'm glad it will be Michael!

Distant Lover

Ok, Rod asked us to keep it classy so I can't cuss them homophobic &¥$%!€ out. But, let me say this, whatever team picks this courageous young man, I will be a fan of until the end of time. I will paint my body the team colors and be cheering in subzero weather. Well, maybe not to that degree but I will be an ardent fan and buy his jersey and be at all of the after game celebrations cutting all kind of hoes tryna get close to Mr. Sams! (Sorry Rod! Had to keep it real!)


If you watch some of these videos that NFL players post on youtube, I think Sam would fit in well with some clubs.

Kerry Rhodes played with a boyfriend and that didnt seem to be an issue.

And there were others like Kerry that no one really speaks about. NFL has been a "dont ask dont tell" type of league but it's slowly changing.

Sam could be a good fit for some teams based on team leadership. He'll find a spot on a team, even if others pass him up only based on his sexuality.


But Kerry Rhodes never came out and continues to deny he's gay. Mr. Sam is proclaiming his truth before he even gets to the NFL. God I hope he makes it.


I think Michael Sam will face more problems with NFL front offices/owners than from teammates - meaning we need to carefully watch how he does in the combine and draft. (I'm sure we can count on Rod for full 'Sporno' coverage of the combine!)

IMHO many (Most?) players have already been on teams with 'not-out but we all knew' gay or bi players. His teammates will probably get sick of being asked how they feel about playing with him, but otherwise I don't think he'll have that much of a problem in the locker room.

Sadly, I also expect some vile slurs coming from dumb fans...


Michael Sam has put the NFL on notice. Either they "man up" and draft him based on his proven skills, or, they fail America by proving that we arenot ready to judge a man by the content of his character!

Jim J

Roger Godell made very supportive statements yesterday. Michael Sam WILL be drafted.

Chitown Kev

Michael Sam's 'coming out" was so controversial that when he came out to his former team, the Missouri Tigers, that Mizzou responded by going 12-2 in the roughest conference in college football and made the SEC title game AS Sam earned the SEC defensive player of the year award.

the only problem here will be the ones that drama queens create.

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