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17 March 2014



the story is so sad. prayers for the families. and that father should be put 'under' the prison. what kind of father could do that to his own flesh and blood?


If it turns out the father is responsible for this heinous crime then that whole community will need emotional and psychological support. Because its just awful when its someone you know who does such a thing, its worse.

He's a relatively young man and it really disturbs me that young people still can't beyond "difference." Its just so amazing with all our communication media outlets, the internet, film, entertainment industry and gay people still can't get a break. I was watching a program the other night and it was a round-table discussion with gay men and the question was; "Do you think there will always be a 'closet?' And one dude said Yes, a resounding Yes. People aren't done with us yet and there are still a bunch of influential people who have the resources to assist in pushing us back into the closet.

Sad isn't it?


Words cannot express my anger. This story is just all kinds of awful. Who will kill their son or daughter? This man is heinous and evil. I pray for some peace to come from this tragedy. R.I.P. Britney and Crystal.


To kill your child because of whom he or she is in love wth!!! How tragic and sad, that the child they were raising together now doesn't have parents and his grandfather is going to be indicted with 2 counts of felony murder!!!

Derrick from Philly

How can you know when a close family member is dangerous--especially a father, mother, sibling? I guess you can't.

This is a horrible incident. It appears they allowed Cosby's father to live with them--tried to help him.


I visit several black oriented sites from time to time. These sites posted articles about the murders of Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby.

Against my better judgment, I took a look at the comment sections of the articles about the murders at the various sites. It was disheartening, to say the least, but hardly surprising. Many of the commenters at all three sites strongly supported what the father did to his daughter and her girlfriend. One commenter called it an "honor killing".

As of a day or two ago, the articles have apparently been taken down at all three sites. Perhaps because some of the comments are so hateful.

I didn't name the sites because I wasn't sure if I was allowed to.

It's interesting that the commenters who condemned the murdered women for being lesbians didn't have a negative word about the father being a convicted rapist.

Cosby's father was a convicted rapist: he raped his daughter's mother. A felon, especially a violent felon, is someone you do not ever let into your life whether he (or she) is related to you or not.

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