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23 April 2014



Ummm, no. Sounds like trade gone violent imo.


He applied for political asylum, but was it granted? If not, he is a Ugandan citizen and this "going to the others man's home for a drink" so early in the morning, would look suspiciously gay to those back home. We know how Uganda treats gays or those perceived to be gay.


I agree


Ouma wanted a blow job and then thought:omg, what will my mom think? What wiil Museveni think? What will David Bahati think? WShat will Pastor Martin Ssempa think? and so he changed his mind. lol I bet this is not the first time this scenario has taken place. All men need some nut relief, and that is why other men were created. lol

But the documentary KASSIM THE DREAM about him is excellent.


This is pure bullshit. Any gay man would have enough sense to back off in a situation like this, the man is a boxer. In addition, it's hard for me to believe he didn't know something was up when he went over the the man's house. A boxer trying to claim sexually assault....? Really?

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