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29 April 2014


Derrick from Philly

We should try to get him and Paula Deen together.

"Ah is what Ah is"


My grandma used to say; "He who lives by the sword is condemned to die by the sword" In this case Mr. Sterling's sword is his mouth!

Wow!!! we are good enough to sleep with but not good enough to be seen in public with. Ain't that something. There is more I could say in reference to that fact but I'll leave it alone for now.


The other thing is this: Is he just verbalizing what so many white folks feel? Even in "post-racial" America? I can remember being in the 2nd grade and a white classmate was upset cause I said Hello to him when I saw him with his mom in a local supermarket. He told me; "...next time you see me outside with my parents, don't say anything to me, don't look at me. They won't like it." That happened in 1964.

Derrick from Philly

wow, Ilunga,

thanks for sharing that story about your experience with racism in the 2nd grade. It was kind of painful to read. But it was pertinent to this story in the year 2014. Thanks.


Thanks Derrick. I must tell you that that situation from 50 years ago successfully "coloured" by race consciousness from that point on. I've relied on it when in situations with white folks in the work-place, school and in social situations.
And I wasn't going to bring this up but I will. When he says on tape; "...you can sleep with them..." that brings me back to a friend of mine who when we were young and just coming to terms with our sexuality was a pure "snow queen." He really loved him some white boys. But then came one white guy who was out to his parents & told his son, that blacks were only good as a "curiosity" But you definitely didn't want to bring one home.
So based on that and some other situations I steered clear of intimate relations with white dudes. I've had my share of white admirers and honestly have been tempted to go that line but I always come to my own personal consciousness and actively decide against it. If my sex is that good and you have the power to hire me but won't, then you don't deserve this. And trust me it really is good!


A post racial society? lol It might even be worse since Obama was elected. There are two great truth serums: alcohol and anger. Under the influences of those two things, you often find out the truth about racists. Some people say that racism will die out when the older people die. Not true. Kids are still learning it when they are young. We will probably never be completely free from this illness.

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