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12 April 2014



There are always homophobic family members hating on the successful, out and proud gay kid. And many of "our" families are always upset when "we" come out because they are embarassed. It's always the same story. Thankfully this young man triumphed. Bravo and congrats Derrick!


I applaud Derrick!!! No matter what family says or do, He's got to live life for him. He's the same Derrick, just happier and Gay. However, when they see his success and money, it will all change. #IJS

John Mulhollland

Great good fortune to this courageous -- and admirable, indeed -- young man. His mother seems wonderful. Hoping his twin matures and comes around.


very well said posters, but i am just concernced about his career and his changes, becuase we know that it's a very much heterosexual and homophobic environment (sports) and i would hate to have him not reach his full potential, it's always harder for blacks and then black gays as well, not saying that he should not have came out, i just hope that he won't have to pay w/his career not reaching its full potential because of homophobia. . . .


i meant --chances-- :-)

Derrick from Philly

He's brave, beautiful, talented and young. LOL What more can you ask for.

Saying goodbye to family members is very difficult for Black Gays to do--even if that family is calling you a f.ggot. Sh.t, ya'll better learn how to.

Omar Miguel

I applaud Derrick's courage and the fact that he wants to walk and live in his own truth instead of pleasing others as so many young men of color tend to do. Derrick Gordon's twin brother, Darryl, is a convicted felon and served 5 years for attempted murder. No shade but I find it hard to believe that his brother was locked up for 5 years and not once touched another man. The lady doth protest too much, me thinks. I understand they are blood, but Derrick needs to understand Darryl's acceptance is a nonfactor to his own life and happiness.

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