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26 May 2014



this young man was very twisted and needed all kinds of help. i wish there was some way these killings could have been prevented but we also ask that after these situations.


Seems like he had deep psychological issues. That's in addition to a general sense of entitlement.


And Mark Cuban would have crossed the street from the black boy in the hoodie to Elliot Rodgers with the BMW and $300 sunglasses.


This only goes on to prove my point when I posted the comment in ref. to Donald Sterling. One must believe that a significant number of both white men & white women all harbor the same feelings. They just won't verbalize it cause to do such could label them and make life a bit difficult. But I can't help but think that white society still see's us as the other. They still see us as unattractive and not on par with the rest of humanity. Notice how they push past us in crowds, jump the line in stores and the post office, etc and don't acknowledge our presence. They look right pass us as though we aren't there which lends credence to the "The Invisible Man" theory.

Obviously this young man was not well, that goes without saying but at the same time through the haze of his pathology one can acutely visualize the truth that white people carry around with them and that they just can't put down no matter how heavy it gets.




This whole is just disgustingly tragic. May those murdered rest in peace.


He was such a cutie instead of chasing women he should have let the men chase him ..


@ Ty

you can keep the crazies ALL to yourself...

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