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10 May 2014



Congratulations to Sam for being out and making history! For all the talk about DL black men I think it's wonderful and wonderfully telling that the first two out professional American athletes who are still able to play have both been black. I have major respect for that fact!


BOOM! You go, boy!

Jimmy D

this news is amazing. i am so happy for him. what a great moment in history.


I started dancing in the street as soon as I read this news on my cell phone. Yessir, history is made!


In Europe they like to think they are progressive and forward thinking. There are no out players in football here because it is rabidly homophobic and unapologetic. Be gay but stick to hairdressing. Well done USA.


a wonderful and emotional time for Sam. now let's keep rooting him on as he tries to make the team and kick some ass on that field.


Congrats!! But after looking at "the kiss", I'm not as happy anymore. Damn, where are the blk/blk gay men couples???


Congratulations!!! I hope that this inspires kids, and helps them realize that you can be gay and still dream of being in the NFL.

I also hope he has a long and illustrious career, and is one day inducted into the Hall of Fame for his accomplishments on the field.


Great Story. Perhaps he can lend some courage to some of the NFL's closet cases to come on out = No one cares anymore. And if you do care, aren't you wasting your time?

And his Rams jersey is selling off the racks BTW. With Sam and Tre Mason, maybe its time to follow the Rams this season.

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