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02 July 2014


Black Pegasus

This pisses me off immensely! And that's putting it kindly!

Trey S.

This story is beyond disgusting. Arizona is truly living up to its reputation as Western Mississippi. I surely hope this young woman, who has a phd and is a professor, sues the university and police department and gets PAID!


Absolutely horrific is putting it lightly. She better beat those charges, sue those a**hole cops AND the university for beaucoup dollars. She better WIN too. Arizona ain't sh**.

Sorry but she is WRONG

SHE IS WRONG....look at the entire video...she is intelligent but she acted like a pompous fool by refusing to comply...

Derrick from Philly

The cops aren't used to an educated Black (or other minority woman) who is educated and intellectually superior to them. The cops are trash....violent trash.

Doctor Ore stood up for her dignity...and for all Black folk's dignity. It's stil very dangerous, and she is very brave.


I am absolutely f***ing shocked! WTf?


An English professor and she couldn't "understand" what the offer meant when he asked for an I.D.? And by the end of this fracas she KICKS the officer and he DIDN'T use his baton nor pepper spray? No broken bones nor swollen lip or black eye either?

Sorry folks, but were I on this jury I would NOT rule in her favor. A police officer has the power of life or death, believe it or not and I personally think they showed her a lot of restraint, mainly thanks to the camera. She is not going to win this one.

Sorry but she is WRONG

As a black college educated male with a Ph.D....I will say the following again:

SHE IS WRONG....look at the entire video...she is intelligent but she acted like a pompous fool by refusing to comply...now she is trying to pull the race card..his tone in the beginning was more than polite and respectful...she wanted this and now she is getting all of this negative attention...I would not want someone like her with a lack of reasoning skills teaching others...

Derrick from Phlly

Ordinary folks like me will comply with what the cops tell you to do. But a highly educated person isn't going to just do whatever they tell you to do. That's similar what happened to Louis Henry Gates 6 years ago...ON HIS OWN FRONT PORCH.

I still say that the cop was wrong.

And for walking in the middle of the street?

Shoot, in Philadelphia you could walk butt naked in the middle of the street and cops would pay you no mind.


@ Derrick in Phily in the eyes of the police everyone is ordinary and needs to comply to their directives...but I see what you are saying...

I have a Ph.D. grew up on the South Side of Chicago in the Robert Taylor Homes...yet I am never that far gone to understand that all it takes is one pull of a trigger from someone (cop or someone else) who does like me acting like a bourgeois black person...that is the sad reality that has kept me alive and out of jail at the age of 46...

Furthermore, I just am astonished that people here and elsewhere on the fabulous surreal world of the internet like to believe that she was standing up for ALL the black people who could not stand up for themselves...

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